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GST is a safe, transparent and professional decentralized business application platform. As a payment public chain featuring public trust and technology trust, it takes blockchain technology as the support and takes technological advantages, including blockchain distributed storage, openness, justice, transparency, data traceability and non-tampering, to significantly reduce the transaction cost and improve the circulation efficiency. GST makes full use of technologies, including blockchain distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission and the consensus mechanism and encrypts shared transaction information to finish integration of the industry application system and the blockchain platform, realize seamless connection of new technologies and traditional industries and existing application systems so as to break through technical bottleneck of traditional payment platforms and realize the unique payment business logic in the smart contract of blockchain.

MHC Assest Management Corporation


MHC Assest Management Corporation

MHC Assest Management Corporation headquartering in Colorado of America is a new high-tech enterprise which is engaged in R&D and innovation of blockchain technology and has made extraordinary achievements in aspects of blockchain, AI and encrypted payment. GST is a comprehensive digital application platform integrated with encrypted payment, blockchain and AI technologies. It was sponsored by MHC Assest Management Corporation. GST devotes itself to providing each user with the most cost-effective intelligent digital asset services and forging a brand-new GST digital public chain in the diversified market pattern.

GST Core Advantages

Decentralized on-chain payment 01

The results of transformation of the centralized payment mechanism: On one aspect, it helps third-party institutes save a huge amount of server expenses and maintenance expenses, simplifies the business procedure and reduced the business cost of banks and customers; on the other aspect, the flattened procedure improves the transfer speed, realizes real-time transfer and ensures the security of the whole system, since each node of the system stores a complete set of copied data.


AI-based secure transaction system 02

GST provides data analysis, knowledge extract, independent learning, intelligent decision making and automatic control with the AI technology and forges innovative applications in fields of network protection, data management, information audit, intelligent security, financial risk control and other network information security fields.

Openness, transparency and traceability 03

GST applies the strategy that hardware equipment solves data source and trust problems with machine language and then ensures the reality of data on the whole chain in combination with characteristics of decentralization and non-tampering of the blockchain. Design of GST guarantees the security of collection, transmission, storage and computing of transaction data and provides a stable and reliable technical platform for data transmission and value circulation in digital assets transactions.


GST Core technology support

Development Plan

GST project devotes itself to forging the perfect user experience with the most advanced technologies and will always take the lead on the market relying on its decentralized shared security architecture!

First Step
Step 01

Finish GST public chain development (finished); Arrange and release the whitepaper 1.0; Construct a multi-chain three-module wallet (finished in October 2019)

Second Step
Step 02

Finish and perfect GST transaction system and payment system; GSTCOIN is listed in leading exchanges of the industry (successfully obtained on May 28, 2020 the qualification of launching coins onto ZB); Update the latest whitepaper 2.0

Third Step
Step 03

Interconnect markets and promote GST public chain in a carpet way; Use GSTCOIN for consumption, shopping and credit; Access the GST ecosystem.

Issuance Plan

GST is based on blockchain and uses GST Token as the payment means, forming an open and circulated simulative value closed-loop economic entity to realize creation, circulation, transfer and conversion of values inside and outside this economic entity.

  • [Token]: GSTCOIN
  •    [Total Issuance]: 1.2 billion



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GST carries out business in Europe, America and Asian-Pacific region simultaneously and has powerful strength and capital supports as well as leading industry competitiveness, a huge amount of users and a promising market environment.